The Staff

Tania Clay Studio feels privileged to have mainly women staffers under its wings. The team comprises of 8 crafters, a manager and two people in charge of packing and shipping. Passionate about empowering women, disadvantaged women belonging to the slums of Delhi were brought under studio's care. Training was provided and care was taken to get them accustomed to the workplace setting. Besides training, English classes on Sundays, Calligraphy and writing classes were offered to nurture their overall development.

We understand that family is the key for their professional and personal growth. Our unflinching support is extended through health insurance, schooling fees for the kids and fair pay to them. Infants accompany their mothers and spend their day at the studio giving the women peace and time to learn and perform. Transportation is provided during winter months for safety purposes.

We are proud to share that all our women crafters are training to get their level 1 Deco clay Certification. Our endeavor is to give them an opportunity to pursue their dreams and be financially independent