When Tania Clay Studio began to expand, we decided to work on our vision. The process had us questioning our choices and our vision helped us make our decisions.

It has been an enriching journey; learning and understanding that personal and professional growth of these women is many- fold.

We are now proud to have 10 women amidst us belonging to the slums of Delhi, who to begin with, were disadvantaged and insecure but have turned it around for themselves.

Emotional support at the outset helped them settle in. They were encouraged to share their problems, find solutions and move forward. They began to appreciate themselves and were ready to pursue their goals. Our unflinching support was extended through health insurance for the families, schooling fees for the kids and fair pay to them.

We were able to see their transformation inside out. Training in deco-clay craft, English classes on Sundays, calligraphy and writing classes have added to their experiences and growth at the Studio. Having started with peripheral work such as gluing and arranging, the women crafters are now training to finish their level 1 deco-clay certification.

Their determination, zeal and perseverance needs to be appreciated. Our kudos to them for standing up and fighting their battles!

We have also worked with women artisans and adopted villages in Chennai and Orissa to revive the dying art form of creating boxes with natural fibers. The craft is a good source of livelihood for the rural women artisans.

We will continue Walking the Path!