About Us

Tania Clay Studio is a team of 2 artists and designers. We combine our varied backgrounds, myriad experiences, global aesthetic sensibilities and eye for the finer details in life, to create pieces to celebrate any occasion - from a Wedding or Baby Shower to a New Year's party. We use air-dried modelling deco clay - light, pliable, and versatile. They offer endless colour options and in the right hands, can be fashioned into any shape, including very thin, delicate pieces. This makes our clay creations incredibly realistic, light-weight, and ideal for a wide range of designs that include but are not limited to, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, hair accessories, cake toppers, center pieces, gift boxes and favors.

Our relationship with you is key to producing designs that will be special and memorable to you. We customize each design to suit your special occasion. We blend your vision with our design sensibilities and handcrafting skills to produce pieces that are truly one of a kind. In addition to flowers, we create any shape depending on your needs and budget.

Please enjoy browsing through our website and we hope you invite us to be part of your special occasion.